If you’ve got a product idea and thinking about the next steps, we can help you decide what to do next. Product innovation requires a focused approach involving creativity, business acumen and strong knowledge on technology options. Our consulting services can help you adopt best practices in product innovation and help your business save time and money. Talk to us today.


Wondering why your customer service team is busy solving cases 24*7 all through the year? One of the root causes could be the usability of your product or services. Engineering teams invariably underestimate the value of usability and Knewron can help you tame this beast. At the end of the day what matters is not the feature list of your product, rather the question of how usable they are to the users.


OK. Everyone says you have great product but you are not happy about the bottom-line. The sales pipeline is bleak and targets are always missed. Marketing team is busy in the field but you have no idea how to measure their efforts. We can help you come out of this vicious circle. We work on a number of critical business services like root cause analysis, process optimization, digital marketing, technology adoption, social media branding, online sales etc.

We are currently looking for individuals who can join the team and do stuff hands-on. We are not really bothered about what specific skills you have today. What we really care -and we do care- about while bringing you on-board is whether you are a doer-to-the-core and your attitude towards acquiring and applying the best knowledge and tools out there.

The bottom line is you should either find a way or make one. Use the contact us page to submit your linked in profile, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Why Choose Us

  • Small and focused team. Ideal for engaging in a project quickly irrespective of the project stage.
  • Result-oriented engagement models. Our methodologies keep project success and risk mitigation over pricing and profits.
  • We have people with more than 20 years of information technology expertise. We can build technology solutions combining hardware and software, choose technologies from C, C++ all the way to HTML5, Android & Angular JS.
  • Our pricing models are competitive.

Looking for expertise on these? Talk to us today.